Recipes with "Galia melon"

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  • Fruit Ice Lollies


    These ice lollies with fruit are super healthy and so delicious. Enjoy them all Summer - and they don't even need to freeze first.

  • Tulips in a Pot


    A beautiful flower fruit platter recipe using watermelon, cantaloupe, galia and candy eyes.

  • Summer Dresses


    Perfect for a girl’s birthday party or just a bit of fun, these summer dresses are sure to add an elegant touch to any fruity display.

  • Chasing Rainbows Platter


    This fruit rainbow is ideal for a kid’s birthday party or when you feel like making something extra special.

  • IncrediBauble Christmas Platter


    Try this edible bauble fruit platter in the run-up to Christmas. You can use any fruit you want.

  • Easy Easter Fruit Carrots


    For an easy fruit platter idea, check out these Easy Easter Fruit Carrots. They are a perfect addition to your Spring fruit trays.